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CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute

The CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute is an academic research and action center at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy located in Harlem, NYC. They provide evidence to inform municipal policies that promote equitable access to healthy, affordable food.

They have several informative seminars and discussions coming up. Get on their email list and stay informed.


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NFL Partnership with Big Pharma

In this age of instantaneous gratification giving someone pills to treat their illness is the absolute norm.  Most patients docilely accept these medicines and do not even think to question the doctor.  They do not question their motives and interests, they just accept their fate.  The widespread abuse of painkillers is a very big problem. We’ve all seen those commercials that promote a new drug and then you hear that long, obscure list of the dangerous side effects.  The thousands of dangerous side effects like organ failure, blindness, and quite often, even actual death.  Now how can death be a side effect? Death is actually an ultimatum if you ask me.  There is no coming back from death, but these doctors tell you it’s a side effect.  As a concerned citizen, I am now seeing that this painkiller abuse problem has trickled down to our top athletes.

Team doctors are also part of this sick machine and have no problem pumping players full of painkillers to help them stay on course during the season.  According to the Natural News, “The NFL has recently come under fire for violating federal regulations regarding prescription medications, ignoring the guidance of the DEA and lastly, filling players with painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.”  These are temporary solutions to solving a chronic problem.  Addiction is not acceptable on any level and players are becoming addicted just like normal working people.  1,800 players have come forward to press these issues of non-compliance and of course the NFL has openly denounced these claims.  Just like the tobacco industry use to deny cigarettes being detrimental to your health, your doctors may be getting over on you because of misinformation.  Remember the end game for these corporations is always profit over people.

J. Brittany Ray
CHHC, Pro Chef
Former Pro Basketball Player
Smiling Bellies Health Consulting

Read More At: Above the Law and the BIG Pharma cover up in the NFL

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Fit Tips


What did you give up for Lent? How about giving up 5-10 lbs? Don’t wait until June to start thinking about a “Beach Body”. Get started on a simple exercise and stretching program. Talk to your doctor. Ease into it. You don’t have to be fit in 30 days or limit yourself to 7 minutes a day. Find a program you feel comfortable with, join a gym, buy a wall chart or use an online resource to get where you want to go. Make a better you a habit!

  • Workout daily. Even a walk around the block is great and gets you going.
  • Eat post-workout carbs.
  • Eat breakfast and you’re more likely to stick to a smaller portions throughout the day.
  • Eating smaller portions more often, 5-6 times each day, speeds your metabolism.
  • Eat enough protein to help you build lean muscle and burn body fat.
  • Eliminate (reduce) refined sugar and white flour.
  • Eat whole grains and foods that don’t have added sugar.
  • Drink water throughout the day.


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Collard Cool

green-juice5 Leaves Collard Greens
5 Carrots
4 Stalks Celery
2 Small Apples

I qualify this as a green juice even though the carrots muddy the color. They certainly add to the flavor and nutritional value.

I’m not a stickler about green apples over red apples. They have slightly different health benefits and sugar content but not enough to lose sleep over.

The red apples will generally will make it taste a bit sweeter, so you may want to use green apples to balance the carrots, but that’s your call.

Make a smaller portion by cutting everything in half.

I picked up the tip below from the Little Red House blog connected to their Spring Green Juice:

I love when I have pulp from greens like spinach and kale. I juice these first, and then set the green pulp aside. Saute it up in some olive oil with garlic, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes and throw some pasta and parmesan or goat cheese in…..dinner!

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Health Benefits of Bananas

I eat a banana, apple, orange and carrot everyday to support my Clean Eating. banana health benefits | benefits of bananas| banana nutrition facts:

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It takes more than a village to raise a child in today's world. The world is more than flat or round or sun and moon. It's also the village on the other side of the river. The objects in the sky are different from that view. Community Greens, griot-like, tells a story. I invite you to share my view.


Chuck Vasser

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Chuck Vasser

Chuck Vasser
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