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E-Bikes are Legal in NYC

The New York City Council voted on Thursday to legalize the use of all e-bikes with a top speed of up to 25mph and all e-scooters with a top speed of up to 20mph. E-bikes and e-scooters were also legalized statewide on April 1, with the passing of the state budget. The move has been long awaited by e-bike users and advocates, who said the prohibition largely targeted low-income food delivery workers.

Triumph Electric Bicycle

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Dandelions ARE NOT Native to North America!

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Bicycle Truth

I ride a single speed or fixed gear bike most of the time. One of my favorites is a Schwinn Racer. It’s probably 30 years old, has a rear rack and a 3 speed Sturmey Archer hub that I leave in the middle gear. It weighs about the same as a Citibike and handles much better. During Covid-19, it’s my “Grocery Bike”.

As pointed out in this video, a “high-end” bicycle costs 3 times as much as an entry level 250cc motorcycle. There’s something wrong with this!

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When To Water

This watering guide assumes summer vegetables and good, moderately-rich soil.  Water less often in cool spring or fall months. Water more often in hotter, dryer periods.

 Needs a lot of water during dry spells. Needs water at critical stages of development. Does not need frequent watering.
VegetableCritical time(s) to water for a 5-foot rowNumber of gallons of water needed
BeansWhen flowers form and during pod development2 per week depending on rainfall
BeetsBefore soil gets bone-dry1 at early stage; 2 every 2 weeks
BroccoliDon’t let dry 4 weeks after transplanting. Head development. 1 to 1 ½ per week
Brussels sproutsDon’t let soil dry out for 4 weeks after transplanting.1 to 1 ½ per week
CabbageHead development. Water frequently in dry weather. 2 per week
CarrotsEarly root enlargement. Before soil gets bone-dry1 at early stage; 2 every 2 weeks as roots mature
CauliflowerHead development. Water frequently for best crop.2 per week
CeleryWater frequently for best crop.2 per week
CornWhen tassels form and when cobs swell2 at important stages (left)
CucumbersFlowering and fruit development. Water frequently.1 per week
Lettuce/Spinach    Water frequently for best crop.2 per week
OnionsIn dry weather, water in early stage to get plants going.½ to 1 per week if soil is very dry
ParsnipsBefore soil gets bone-dry1 per week in early stages
PeasWhen flowers form and during pod-forming and picking2 per week
  PeppersSteady supply from flowering through harvest2 per week
PotatoesTuber set and enlargement when the size of marbles2 per week
 RadishesPlentiful, consistent moisture for root enlargement2 per week
SquashWater frequently for best crop.1 per week
TomatoesFor 3 to 4 weeks after transplanting and when flowers and fruit form1 gallon twice a week or more

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Community Greens


It takes more than a village to raise a child in today's world. The world is more than flat or round or sun and moon. It's also the village on the other side of the river. The objects in the sky are different from that view. Community Greens, griot-like, tells a story. I invite you to share my view. - Chuck Vasser

Blacks In Green

There are more of us people of color out there than you realize and we are coming together to express our concerns, ideas and sit at the table!

Garden Volunteer Days

See You After the Pause!June 21st, 2020
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays 11-3pm Rains Cancels

Bronx River Parkway

Bike Sundays BeginsMay 3rd, 2020
The big day is here.

The Green Fit Chick

Many people forget how important hydration is, especially after a seven or eight-hour night's rest with no water. Start your morning off right and get hydrated. A glass of water, a dash of sea salt and the juice of a fresh lemon will get your day off to the great start.

Added Sugar

You already know you consume too much sugar and it can have serious health consequences. Manufactures sneak sugar into their products under the names below as “added sugars”. Be healthy. Read labels. Eliminate added sugar from your diet while eating fruits and vegetables that contain minerals, vitamins, fiber and natural sugar.

Reduce Sodium In Beans

Draining and rinsing canned beans can reduce their sodium content by more than 40%. But taking just a few extra minutes is key to getting the most benefit. The reduced-sodium beans are ready to use in any favorite recipe.

Longer Life

According to new research 1. not smoking, 2. limiting your alcohol intake, 3. staying active, 4. maintaining a healthy weight, and 5. eating nutritious foods could not only extend your life, but improve the quality of it.


Planks are one of the most effective exercises because they require a small time investment and offer substantial results in a relatively short time. Make plank exercises part of your regular routine.

Cog Blogging

Bronx Fixed is Back! - BxFxd

Bike Positions

A riders determines how s/he wants to ride a bike and what type of bike they will use. Bikes, therefore, come in different configurations and geometries to suit individual riders. Different body positions suit each bike, such as 2 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock and so on.

Community Greens Consulting

Rover Rollover

Dog Crates

Done right, crate training helps breed familiarity, trust and a sense of security between your pup and his crate. You should not put dogs in crates that have not been properly crate trained.

Mat Training

Mat Training- A mat, or a defined place for a dog to “go to,” is a versatile and useful behavior to teach a dog. A mat can be a a dog bed, a dog mat, a bath mat, a towel, a blanket, – whatever makes the most sense for the dog and the handler.

Rude Dog Owners

Rude Habits Of Dog Owners. These are some of the things people complain about the most when it comes to dog owners.

Give An Animal A Home

Adopt a pet this holiday season. You can give an animal in need a loving home or consider donating to the ASPCA or other animal charity in a friend’s name.


As the pandemic disrupts global food supply chains, people may have to depend more on locally grown food. Experts expect the number of people suffering through severe food shortages could swell to 265 million people in 2020.
Bissel Gardeners are glad they have been community gardening and raising food for themselves for more than 25 years. We hope when the NYC Pause In Place is lifted more folks will see the need for community gardens and will join us! Chuck the Gardener

Green Tips

Bananas As Fertilizer


Handstands & Other Feats

In a world full of
little people I admit
I am minuscule. – Tiny

Get Community Greens.

“Even though this planet is round, there are just too many spots where you can find yourself hanging onto the edge, unless there’s some space, some place to take a breather for a while.” –Gloria Naylor

All Of Us Research Program

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In Our Prayers

It is with regret I have been informed of the recent passing of the mother of Bernard Myers.  I do not have any funeral arrangements as yet. I will forward them when and if received. Please keep Bernard and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this time of mourning. Susan Christian – Secretary, NYCGBOA

Fried Chicken & Philosophy


The Butterfly Project


Cream-style soups are a favorite for warm, soothing meals on cold winter nights. The addition of a cup or two of cooked beans can stretch canned or homemade soup into a complete, protein-rich meal in just minutes. Stir a can of drained rinsed white beans into tomato soup. Or try pinto beans added to cream of celery soup.