Community Greens

People of all colors discussing evergreen ideas.

The Truth About Alternative Facts

I usually keep my politics and poetry separate from my “Green” stuff. I’ve never wanted my personal and political views to discourage potential “Greeners” but I realize now Green Stuff is PERSONAL and POLITICAL.

The two sites will co-exist and the flavors will be different, but when appropriate LINES WILL BE CROSSED. Thanks for reading either. Feel free to follow both! 🙂

Fried Chicken & Philosophy

I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member – Groucho Marx.

groucho_editedWelcome to the club. People of Color, LGBT, immigrants, women, the poor have all been members of the Alternative Facts Club all their lives. It’s part of being born in America. It is a privilege we don’t want. It’s non-optional and it’s not a privilege. It’s called racism, redlining or the refusal to believe bruises clearly inflicted by a beating. We’ve had no choice, because their facts are THE facts. Everything else becomes irrelevant, inadmissible or nonsense.

And the obverse is Fake News. Did you really always believe the news? I grew up in a news household. Most of us boomers did. We watched the evening news everynight. We had our favorite anchors and weather people and we believed. Oh how we believed just about everything that was said and we heard. Or did we? I…

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