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African Americans and Diabetes


Diabetes-Haile BerryI learned to change the bandages on my grandmothers ulcered legs, salving them and wrapping not to tightly nor too loosely. I don’t know how I began but she needed help and I was always ready to do anything for my Angel in an Apron. She was always hobbling around the kitchen making all sorts of wonderful this and that’s. I would dutifully follow her mixing this or stirring that and enjoyed being able to lick the occasional bowl. She smoked Pall Malls and mumbled when she sat at the oak ball and claw foot table under the cupboard waiting for cupcakes to cook. I remember asking once who she was talking too and, sharp as a scalpel she replied, “Myself. That’s the only way to get an intelligent conversation around here.”

I remember brushing her lovely hair. She taught me how to put it in a French braid before her hands and health failed. More than 15 years later, to my wife’s amazement, I braided my daughter Valdesa’s hair when left with her one Saturday afternoon. My fingers recalled the slight of hand. I’ve since braided my granddaughter Charli’s hair. My grandmother was taken to Bronx Lebanon, the hospital around the corner. My mother came home holding a yellow, crumpled Western Union telegram. The door held her up and her coat fought to fall from her shoulders. She gathered something when she saw our faces and headed to the hospital. No one said. Maybe they didn’t know. Maybe it didn’t matter. I believe my grandmother died from diabetes.

African Americans are disproportionately affected by diabetes compared to the general population. Diabetes is one of the most serious health problems the African American community faces. To address this problem, the American Diabetes Association created a program to increase awareness about diabetes and its complications among African Americans. Let’s start saving grandmothers and grand ladies and gentlemen in our community. Healthy eating isn’t an option. It’s necessary. Maybe this seems backwards, but let’s start with desert: Pineapple Peach Sorbet. I grew up in a desert household and always saw desert as a little sunshine with dinner. This recipe is certainly a cup of sun. It’s from Recipes for Healthy Eating.

– See more at: Diabetes-in-my-community/awareness-programs/african-american-programs

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