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Conversations Overdue

Ruth_VasserPresident Lyndon B. Johnson pulled up his shirt to show the press his scar from gall bladder surgery. The resulting photo sent the world into shock. How could any decent person, let alone the president, expose himself in such a way publicly. There was certainly lots of indignation about the event.

Today there is so many outrageous personal photos online his actions wouldn’t even be noticed. For instance, stories of the nude photos of the wife of Donald Trump, a presidential aspirant, surfaced a week ago and barely raised eyebrows albeit the photos were 10 years old.

I grew up in an era when the rule was, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything”. Nowadays, everyone is an Imus-type shock jock. Everyone is trying to say or do something more attention getting than the next person. People live to go viral

People do intentionally bad things while they video themselves or someone else videos them, in hopes a million people will witness their incredible blunders on YouTube. Have we become a nation of Evil Knievels? Art Linkletter was a marvelous host for the show Kids Say the Darndest things. There was always a censor nearby to beep out the more so risqué responses. Maybe they should bring the show back with today’s standards. It certainly was reality TV.

Sound bites are being replaced by video clips and video clips are being replaced by live chats. Quite honestly, I find it hard to journal online since lots of things are better off unsaid. Or are they?

My mother is 94 and there are things, private things, only things she knows, I would like to know. Things she has never shared. She grew up in an era when people kept things to themselves. An era when secrets would be forever undiscoverable. I watched a program hosted by Historian Henry Louis Gates. They discussed James Todd Smith’s family history. He told Smith a.k.a. LL Cool J the folks who raised him were not his biological grandparents as he had believed. He showed him pictures of his real father. It was emotional and overwhelming.

There are some 60-year-old secrets I would like my mother to share with me. There are some things I fear would rip open caskets long buried and forgotten. I read an article recently on dying. It delineated the signs of imminent death. I feel I should ask my questions soon. I don’t know if she will give me any answers. I don’t know if she will give me what I need or expect. I don’t know if my questions would cause pain or anguish about how she lived or allow her to breathe out what she has held so very long. I think she might rest easier taking her secrets with her.

Conversations Overdue on

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  1. czvasser says:

    My Mom, Ruth Vasser, passed away at age 95.
    Services will be held at:

    Walker Memorial Baptist Church
    120 E, 169th St
    Bronx, NY 10452
    Friday Aug 19, 2016

    The wake will begin at 10am.
    The services will begin at 11am.


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