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The Need For Community Gardens

Living in cities removes us from nature.  It turns the soil that should be beneath our feet to concrete and the animals we should recognize into curiosities. As urban dwellers we begin to believe the food we eat should come in jars, cans, be frozen or given unnatural shelf life with chemical additives. Too many city kids grow up thinking cranberries are just a flavoring in a Thanksgiving sauce and a salad is iceberg lettuce and carrot shreds.

Parks are passive entry points to the natural world and invite people to stroll. Community Gardens demand engagement. Community Gardens foster intimate knowledge of nature as a food provider. Community Gardeners get to plant, tend, water, harvest and eat the fruits and vegetables they grow. Like me, you may have learned from your grandmother how to feel ripeness or smell freshness. You may remember the green grocer or open air markets. You may remember life before supermarkets but your children don’t. Our children need active connections and contact with what they put in their mouths. Having that context will also have an impact on what comes out of their mouths.

Green checklist

  • There should be a Community Garden in every neighborhood, one (minimum) every 10 square blocks.
  • Neighborhoods should be zoned for Community Gardens and land should be set aside for them.
  • Community Gardens are as beneficial as parks and play grounds and certainly cheaper to establish and maintain.
  • Become a member of a Community Garden
  • Start a Community Garden.
  • Support a Community Garden.
  • We need more Community Gardens!


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