Community Greens

People of all colors discussing evergreen ideas.

Vietnam Reblues

Dereliction of duty on my lover’s lips
Cheap wine, marijuana and old sex
Saying softly commitment
Smells like pampers and bad plumbing.

Vietnam was brown with a Buddha face
Laugh quick ‘cause you’re dead already black.
Peace symbols and afro picks
among glassine glaze and apple wine.

War was well war until a bullet in the back
then it became one less lung
Sweet Jesus precious air.

How’d they know I lived there
F**king letter
What the f**k is a draft board
Lottery my a**
They sure did
All the way to Vietnam.

What agents are you smoking
Some known others unknown
Reagents on both sides

Lies and camouflage should sleep together
since they piss with the same penis.
Johnny got his gun
I got a dose and a case
Drink up
Needles all around.
Oh say can you see
Sweet Land of Liberty
for thee I sing.

Originally posted as Vietnam Reblues on Fried Chicken & Philosophy from the book in progress Handstands & Other Feats.


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