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Bronx River Sankofa Virtual Tree Tour

Bronx River Cover SliceThe Bronx River Sankofa Virtual Tree Tour was produced by Morgan Powell, Originator and Creative Director of the Bronx River Sankofa expanding upon his Tree Appreciation Walk, and covers many more species, has descriptions accompanying each picture and a walking guide so you can find each highlighted tree. It identifies 34 known tree types in Bronx Park between Waring Avenue and Pelham Parkway.

The Bronx River Sankofa Virtual Tree Tour is designed to encourage independent walks by YOU – wherever you live – for a lifetime of enjoyment.  Tree walks are passive recreation, citizen science, civic history/mobilization and art to name just a few of the avenues it opens to you. While Bronx Park in New York City hosts over 100 kinds of trees, the following are found within less than four acres between Pelham Parkway and Waring Avenue! How many of these trees do you know? – Morgan Powell

Here is a map of the starting point:

The trees listed below are ones you will encounter during your walks through Bronx Park:
1. American Elm, the Liberty Tree
2. Black cherry, early cough medicine native to the United States
3. Chinese scholar
4. Cottonwood
5. Sycamore Maple
6. Norway Maple
7. Ailanthus, unintended national landscaping
8. Pin oak, popular street tree
9. Northern red oak; oak has been called the frame of civilization
10. Hawthorn
11. Silver linden
12. American linden
13. Little – leaf linden
14. Black Walnut, highly valued for furniture manufacturing
15. Hickory, a hard wood great for tool handles
16. Honey locust, rot resistant wood great for old time fence posts and outdoor furniture
17. Devil’s walkingstick, a great field study in nature’s geometry
18. American hornbeam
19. Empress, large – leaved Chinese import
20. Ash tree wood has been a favorite of traditional baseball bats used by the greats
21. Redbud, heart shaped leaves on a small tree
22. Sweet gum, skin rash medicine
23. Gray birch
24. Zelkova, a great substitute for American elm in low maintenance public spaces
25. Crabapple, a joy in spring along Pelham Parkway and beyond
26. London plane, the pollution-resistant tree popular in cities around the northern hemisphere
27. Cherry (Yoshino from Japan) popular attraction of Washington D.C.
28. Mulberry
29. Boxelder
30. Witchhazel, known for cleansing properties
31. Amur Cork, not the one used for alcohol bottle tops
32. Cornelian cherry is a kind of dogwood that shows yellow flowers early in springtime
33. American beech is a spiritual tree for many Native Americans
34. Yellowwood

This link will take you to the Facebook version

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  1. […] If you missed it, shame on you, but you can still go online and take Morgan Powell’s: Bronx River Sankofa Virtual Tree Tour […]


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