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Basil Potato Bisque

I grew up in a “potato” household which meant more often than not we had potatoes for dinner. Mostly mashed and occasionally with garlic or cheese, l learned to bake potatoes and make home fries at an age when I shouldn’t have been around a stove. Yes, I’ve peeled lots of spuds in my life. Long before MacDonald’s, the neighborhood treat, as often as you could afford them, was french fries, the potato peeled and sliced while you watched and dropped in hot oil. Adding a burger was a rare occasion and never by me until I was a teenager. The finished fries were stuffed into a soda can sized bag, generously salted and squirted with ketchup from a red plastic bottle. You ate then with a tooth pick and greedily licked the salty ketchup off your fingers. Heck, a bag of fries was 10 cents! Things haven’t changed much except the fries are frozen and cost 10 times more, hmmm.

I like potatoes in all sorts of recipes and I am particularly fond of potato soup so when I found the recipe for Basil Potato Bisque (with Crispy Prosciutto), I had to give it a try. Try it by the book the first time, or if you are like me, you know what you like so make changes.  I added ½ a finely chopped onion for a little extra flavor. I was more interested in trying the basil and it was my meatless day so I didn’t add the prosciutto. I know it’s blasphemy but bacon could work instead of prosciutto a pinch. I like little chunks of vegetables, so I rarely use an immersion or stand blender and prefer to mash things with the back of a spoon and whip with a sturdy whisk. Garnish, you don’t need no stinking garnish. Ok, ok add some if you like. A sprig of basil is nice or some garlic chives, but I was too hungry to go back out to my stair step herb garden to get garnish. What a wonderful soup. Enjoy!



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