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75 percent of the Earth’s plant species depends on insect pollinators, of which bees are the most important. Plant-based ecosystems produce oxygen, filter carbon dioxide, regulate rainfall and prevent erosion, among other things. Without  pollinators those ecosystems would collapse. The number of bee colonies has declined by roughly 50 percent in the last 70 years—and they are still falling.

Bee_SunflowerThe biggest threats to pollinators are pesticides and habitat destruction. Don’t use pesticides on your lawn or garden, don’t destroy native flower areas and consider planting a pollinator garden with flowers that bees like, such as sunflowers, rosemary, geraniums, lavender or poppies. Buy local honey to support beekeepers in your area, or, even better, start a hive of your own; check out the American Beekeeping Federation ( to learn how. We started one in Chenchita’s Garden in Harlem last year and it really added to the interest and ecological value of the garden.

Support Community Green Butterflies & Sunflowers. Our goal is to plant 20 Butterfly Parks This year. We have already identified 6 partners and sites including Bissel Gardens. More information soon!


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“Even though this planet is round, there are just too many spots where you can find yourself hanging onto the edge, unless there’s some space, some place to take a breather for a while.” –Gloria Naylor


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