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Unity Neighborhood Center Open House at Haffen Park

TreeUnity Neighborhood Center hosted an Open House at Haffen Park on Friday February 24, 2012. The program was made possible through the Office of Larry Seabrook, the NYC Dept of Youth & Community Development, Bronx Parks and Recreation, and the Friends of Haffen Park. Jessie Collins is the Executive Director of UNC. Ashley Quiles is the Site Director. I led the Naked Tree Tour and identified park trees for the participants.

Haffen Park Open House photo album


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2 Responses

  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I congratulate the Friends of Haffen Park for working to convert the park house into a nature center!


    • czvasser says:

      For a cold, rainy afternoon, we had a great turnout. We are hoping to secure additonal funding so we can provide more environmental education and services in the future.


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