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Happy Birthday, Barbara!


Barbara and her friends walked, talking and laughing, down Franklin Avenue towards 169th Street. I listened to every word they said, acting like I wasn’t there. My big sister and her friends were on their way to the Delite Record Shop on Boston Road to buy the Ray Charles single, “I Can’t Stop Loving You”. It had shot to the top of the R&B charts and the girls couldn’t wait to get it. Barbara was turning 18 on Saturday and wanted the hottest 45’s for the house party they were having at Sharon’s. Sharon’s mother was a night duty nurse and left for work at 10 pm. She wouldn’t be back until 10 am the next day. The party would be un-chaperoned and the teenage conspirators thought, with careful cleaning, no one would ever know it was anything more than a girl’s sleepover.

Every now and then one of Barbara’s friends would say something an 8-year-old shouldn’t hear and glance over to see if I had been listening. Of course I was, but I would turn my head to watch a car go by or kick a pebble to prove my attention was elsewhere. Barbara never looked at me. She knew I wouldn’t tell. I had learned long ago not keeping her confidence meant no attention and, sandwiched between older and younger brothers, I needed Barbara to look out for me.

Jean mentioned George and Barbara stopped, tipped her head down and looked at her the way mom would glare at us when we were bad. George was 10 years older than Barbara and she had been dating him for 2 years. Mom didn’t like it but, as a single mom, she had her hands full raising 3 younger boys, taking care of an ailing mother and dealing with a teenage girl. Barbara breathed out as though she were about to say something then turned and walked on. The girls hesitated for a moment before they fell back to chattering. Read the rest of this entry »

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Transportation Alternatives Bronx Ride to Orchard Beach


TABX Ride to Orchard Beach

From: Arthur Avenue Retail Market in Bronx, New York

Sunday at 11:00 am

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Help NYC Parks Count Street Trees


Join the Counter Culture! This year, NYC Parks is counting and mapping all the beautiful street trees that grace our city, and we need your help! Sign up to become a voluntreer for TreesCount! 2015 and play a key role in the future of our urban forest!

Help us count our street trees!

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Charlotte, North Carolina, Named After a Mulatto Desendant


Queen Charlotte of England (1744-1818), wife of the English King George III (1738-1820), was directly descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a Black branch of the Portuguese Royal House. Her contemporaries described her as having “a true mulatto face.” The city of Charlotte, North Carolina, is named after her.

Black Lives Matter!

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Harlem Week Black College Fair Saturday August 15, 2015

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Sunday, August 2 at 12:00pm

Bronx Museum of the Arts in the Bronx, New York

Celebrate summer in the Bronx on the Grand Concourse between 161st and 167th Streets. On August 2, 9, & 16, the center lanes will be closed to cars and open to a world of fun, with free music, activities and programs hosted by art/cultural, civic, health organizations and artists. For details go to

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Bronx Forest Trail Work and Forest Clean Up 7/11/15

bxra cleanup 7-11-15


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SCNYC Bronx Ride

Hey fellow Bronx cyclist. Just wanna invite you and all your other bike friends to this ride. For some of the people attending it’ll be their first time in The Bronx so let’s show them what the hype is really all about. Feel free to share within your respective groups, this ride is not club specific. All necessary info is in the link but feel free to contact me. Ride safe and be well.

SCNYC Bronx Ride

Saturday, July 11 at 1:00pm

Brook Park E. 141st St, Bronx, NY 10454

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Frederick Douglass Monument in Harlem


Frederick Douglass Monument in Harlem on Flickr – Click Photo


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New York Cares at Bissel Gardens

New York Cares Day

New York Cares Day at Bissel Gardens on Flickr – Click Photo

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Community Green

It takes more than a mother, or a village, to raise a child and prepare him or her to live and do well in the world today. The world is more than flat or round or sun, moon and stars. It's also the village on the other side of the river. The objects in the sky are seen from different orientations. We all see the world uniquely. Community Green, griot-like, tells a story. I invite you to add to the tale.

Community Green Web Site

Community Green Cooks!

CG Cooks!
I have gone to bed fed but not nourished physically or spiritually. These days some folks call that being food insecure. Let's change that on a lot of levels. Lets start with healthy food that makes us happy.

Community Green Photo

Community Green Photo

Morgan Powell Memorial

Bronx River Sankofa

Blacks In Green

There are more of us out there than you realize and we are coming together to express our perspective, concerns and ideas. This could be called a seat at the table, a plot in the garden or a home in this hood!

CG's BIG of the Month:

Ajamu Kitwana

Ajamu Kitwana

Bissel Gardens

Bisselsign Bissel Gardens is a community garden that serves many purposes — It brings people together, beautifies the neighborhood, creates safe outdoor space, offers community gardening, grows food for donation and provides environmental and educational programs.

Find Your Community Garden

Anyone can join a garden. With more than 600 gardens across the five boroughs, potential members and volunteers should choose carefully. To aid in your search, GreenThumb has provided a Garden Finder from GardenMaps.

Tour de Yonkers

Get Your Bike Out!September 27th, 2015
1 month to go.

The Bronx River Alliance

An Upstream SoireeSeptember 29th, 2015
1 month to go.

NYC Century Bike Tour

September 13th, 2015
1 month to go.

Upcoming Events

  • Harlem Week July 26, 2015 – August 23, 2015 More info
  • The Wiz August 13, 2015 at 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Marcus Garvey Park, NY, NY More info the-wiz-a-celebration-in-dance-and-music-master-class-darrin-henson-2/
  • Charlie Parker Jazz Festival August 21, 2015 at 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Marcus Garvey Park,Ny, NY More info oliver-lake-big-band-the-king-solomon-hicks-trio-michela-taps-bird-lives/
  • Valerie Capers, Piano/Vocalist September 18, 2015 at 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Pelham Bay Park (Middletown Road and Stadium Avenue) CLASSIC JAZZ EVERYONE LOVES!
  • 2015 Tour De Yonkers September 27, 2015 Yonkers, NY

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Kim Beazer’s Nature’s Nurses

Nature's Nurses
Bronx River Alliance
MillionTreesNYC - Make NYC Even Cooler

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Did You Know. . .

Capacity Fund Grants fund projects to strengthen groups’ outreach, membership, and program-planning capacity. Grants range from $250 to $5,000. Three grant cycles a year, with deadlines on February 1, August 1, and November 1. Projects must take place on NYC Parks property. - See more:

Community Green Grows!

CG Grows!

Tomato Booster
When your tomatoes, eggplants and peppers begin to bloom, mix up a batch of this potion to encourage prolific, healthy fruiting.

2 tablespoons Epsom salts

1 gallon water

The magnesium and sulfur in the Epsom salts are micro-nutrients that foster fruiting.

Vegetables and Fruits

Plant warm-season veggies such as tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, squash, and peppers.
Mulch sprawling veggies, such as melons and squash, to keep them clean and away from soggy soil.
Thin vegetable seedlings.
Keep your vegetable garden evenly and regularly watered.
Address insect and disease problems as soon as you spot them.
Keep weeds pulled – they compete for nutrients.
Remove fallen fruits or veggies to prevent insects and diseases from spreading.
Install fences or netting to protect your garden from rabbits, birds, and other hungry creatures.
Install trellises, stakes, or cages for vining veggies.
Plant summer herbs such as basil and cilantro. Pinch off flower buds to encourage more tasty leaves.
Harvest cool-season vegetables, such as broccoli, onions, cabbage, and asparagus.
Begin harvesting warm-season veggies as they mature.

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