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365 and Counting

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365 and counting. What’s that about? Sounds like counting down to a parole board hearing. Not that I would know anything about parole board hearings even though I am black and 3 times as likely to have been arrested and convicted of a crime. I am also 3 times more likely not to have a valid photo ID and in NYC, I am more likely to be stopped and a photo ID requested even though Stop and Frisk has been “abolished”. Slavery was abolished, wasn’t it?
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Chicken Stock in the Pot

bouillon-1326608I am 3/5 vegetarian. That means more often than not I don’t eat meat. I almost never have meat with breakfast unless someone else is cooking. I have meat with lunch and dinner about 25 and 35% of the time respectively. When I want a savory soup or stew, I make my own chicken stock. It’s easy and economical. I save necks, wing tips, and other parts, that would otherwise be thrown out, in the freezer and retrieve them once a week to make chicken stock. I’ve long since moved to a  vegetable/herb stock for most things and, when in a hurry, make an “instant” stock based on dried herbs and spices. I like this vegetable/herb stock recipe from The Kitchn.

To make this stock combine 1 pound chicken parts, 2 teaspoons of salt, and 6 cups of water in a large stockpot. Bring the water to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer, cover, and leave for an hour. Add chopped vegetables before boiling for more flavor. You can add, one large onion, one peeled carrot and two crushed cloves of garlic; a celery stalk, a peeled carrot and an onion; or two garlic cloves, a tablespoon of peppercorns and a bay leaf. Let it cool to room temperature and strain it before putting it in the freezer. It can be frozen and stored almost indefinitely.

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Bibliophiles Unite! Bronx Book Fair May 7 & 8 — The Bronx Socialite

The Bronx Book Fair is back and better than ever (and I’m not just saying that because I’m on the planning committee this year!) Now a two-day event, the Bronx Library Center will serve as host to a diverse array of authors, poets, publishers, and discussions on the literary landscape of the Bronx. Best of all, […]

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Coffee and the Cycle Kid


It’s wonderful to watch the sun come up from the seat of a bicycle. It’s a lot better than watching sunrise from a curbside drunk. Skip the crap about the crisp air and the fantastic colors. It just seems your body tunes in to the earth’s rhythms and wakes up with it.

I had finished my 25-mile morning ride and my second breakfast before showering and pedaling to work. I was on a 4,000 calorie diet and still had trouble maintaining my weight. My morning ride was the early part of a 50-mile day. I’d get in my other 25 miles on my commute to Macy’s, where I worked a s a sales person, by doing a couple extra laps in Central Park.  I had 50-mile days several times a week. Most days I was invigorated, but there were other when my ass dragged.

It was probably from the late night road work on the Grand Concourse. We’d meet at the Gray’s Papaya about 11pm, eat hot dogs and go like crazy since there wasn’t much traffic that late. Sooner or later, someone would crack and we’d all go home. Some nights, no one broke. Last night, no one broke, not even the Concourse Kid.

As I walked past his office, Tony said, “you look like you could use a cup of “coffee”. I was up for it. I heard coffee had “powers”. I needed “powers”. Baby literally needed shoes so I was working two jobs while wifey was home caring for the 5-year and 5-month olds. And I thought I could continue my bicycle racing. I was getting the training in but some days . . .

I had grown up in a “tea” household and had never had a cup of coffee. Mom drank tea with a splash of milk. AT 94, she still does. So, I headed down the hall to our taco stand and poured myself a cup of coffee.

Getting past the first burst was a challenge but you begin to enjoy the bitter chocolate taste and coffee becomes your friend. But the bet is by the time you finish the cup you’ve got the buzz. It sneaks up but it gets there. I didn’t even notice as Tony and I chatted. He was a tea drinker. He didn’t join me. That’s another story. Coffee pusher.

I knew I was more tickety but I thought that was my usual me just early. I flipped through my morning in a flash. Yee Ha. What wonderful stuff! I’ve had 2 cups of coffee every morning ever since. I glad most reports suggest there is a benefit to this kind of lifestyle. Ride em cowboy!

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Uptown Short Film Festival May 13-15


Tickets are on sale now for the Uptown Short Film Festival, May 13-15 at Mist Harlem. We received over 300 submissions from over 20 countries and narrowed it down to the 50 best. Please come out and support. Go to for tickets and schedule.

I’m not sure what day I am going but I’m in there like Cuban swimwear.

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