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Life is uphill. There are interludes between one crest and another when you crouch as the wind slips past. You focus above the bars at the horizon. Relaxing your neck, you lean, outside foot down, into one turn after another conserving energy, breathing belly deep.

I’ve crashed too often, sometimes hard. Once I crashed, because of a crash, on my daughter’s birthday. 47 days and 35 pounds later, I came home. Years later, I went into carbon fiber sticker shock and dug out my old flip-flop. Steel is Real.

I’m fixed in the Bronx because it’s better than pie. Whee!

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Morrisania Bath Night

Fried Chicken & Philosophy


Baths on Sunday were terror. There was a rat hole in the corner behind the claw foot tub. I wanted to play but listened for rustling, the sign a rat coming to bite me. Even the baking soda propelled submarine didn’t capture my attention long enough for me to relax. My mother’s assurance the hole was plugged with steel wool meant nothing. The faucet was opposite the wall and after gouging my back several times I had to bathe with my neck exposed to the hole. Still, we had slippers and bathrobes from Alexander’s. I am still not fond of taking baths.



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Charles Long #3

The Sunflower Project

Photo: Charles Long

Skip the annual garden mums, which have little to offer pollinators, and plant some native perennial flowers for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.

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And Other Pollenators

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From New York to Oakland to Detroit and back again … This year’s #sixthannual #blackfarmersconference is happening right here in #eastharlem this Friday-Sunday, November 4-6, at Harlem Renaissance High School. Tomorrow’s events include tours of area community gardens, and featured speakers on Saturday include Savi Horne of the Land Loss Prevention Project, Owusu Bandele from the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, and Walter Hill of @tuskegeeuniversity. For details and tickets, see #bugs #blackfarmers #urbangrowers #harlem

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It takes more than a village to raise a child in today's world. The world is more than flat or round or sun and moon. It's also the village on the other side of the river. The objects in the sky are different from their view. Community Green, griot-like, tells a story. I invite you to share my view.

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Sacred Sunflowers

Sunflower seeds were considered sacred by certain Plains cultures and were left on gravesites to nourish the dead on their way to the Happy Hunting Grounds.

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Morgan Powell Memorial

Bronx River Sankofa

Blacks In Green

There are more of us people of color out there than you realize and we are coming together to express our concerns, ideas and sit at the table!

Kelli Terry-Sepulveda

Kellie Terry-Sepulveda

Find Your Community Garden

Anyone can join a garden. With more than 600 gardens across the five boroughs, potential members and volunteers should choose carefully. To aid in your search, GreenThumb has provided a Garden Finder from GardenMaps.

Black Urban Growers

Bissel Gardens


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